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Lonestar Historical
Hello and welcome to the Texicon home page. To the left, you will find all of the links that you need.  We have an
announcements page that keeps everyone up to date on the latest happenings for the convention.  If something is very important,
we will put it on the home page.
Board Gaming
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Dealer Room Hours:
The Vendors are
located inside the
gaming area and will
be open while the
convention is open.
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If you are an artist looking to exhibit your art in Texicon's art gallery please contact our art curator.

Miniatures--------->    Brian Guarnieri    (Miniatures Magnate)             email:
[email protected]
Role-Play  (RPG)--> Brian Neff            (Role Playing)                         email: [email protected]
Board Games------>  Tiffany Franzoni  (Board Game Magnate).         email: [email protected]
Artists---------------->  Ray Bradshaw     (Art Curator).                          email: [email protected]

Curator: "Uncle Greasy"                            email: [email protected]

Click Here to learn more about being a GM.
North Texas RPG Con is in its

For those of you who are not
familiar with NTRPG Con let us
introduce them.  The NTRPG
Con focuses on old-school
Dungeons & Dragons gaming
(OD&D, 1E,2E, or
Basic/Expert) as well as any
pre-1999 type of RPG
produced by the
classic gaming companies of
the 70s and 80s (TSR,
Chaosium, FGU, FASA,
GDW, etc)
Win $50
to your
game store
Texicon is pleased to announce our Special Guest and
this year's GMA (Game Manufacturer Award) winner:
Calliope Games
Texicon partners up BIG. Texicon is partnering up with Big Brothers Big Sisters to bring great
games to great people. If you are a Big bring your Little to the show! Entrance is free.
Texicon does it again.  We felt that we needed to help more.  So, we went out and found
Johnathan's Place.  This is a shelter for abused children.  We flung open our doors and asked if
they would like to join us on Saturday for a day filled with fun.  These wonderful struggling kids
need a day where they can forget their troubles.  We wanted to offer them one.  So, let's all
welcome them and if you find yourself gaming with a kid on Saturday, remember.... Win at all
costs.  Err... What I mean is, "make it a challenge for them, and win but be nice about it.
We once again opened up the doors to more children in need.  This time we contacted
Buckner.  Johnathan's Place recommended this organization.  We reached out and they
were over joyed to join us for Texicon 2015.  Please join us in welcoming Buckner's kids.
So, what does it mean to our regular attendees that we have all of these kids on Saturday.  First, we have limited the
number of total children that we can help.  After all, there is only so much space.  So, don't worry.  We have set aside
special tables for them.  These tables will have more kid oriented games.  The children can, if they wish, play other
games.  We are also aware that todays kids are tomorrow's gamers.  So, we felt this would be a great addition to Texicon.  
We hope you do too.  
Texicon continues the
Flyer Contest in 2015

What is it?
 Click Here
to learn more about it.  
You could win $50.
The Helping Horns program is for gamers who are in a
financial bind or who are jobless or who are in need of
monetary assistance.  They may have encountered some
difficulty in life that has given them a setback.  Helping Horns
collects donations which are then given to a gamer in need.

A GM requests his game to be a Helping Horns event.  He
must be approved for his game to be given this status.  
Texicon analyzes the GM and his game.  If approved, he
then sets aside at least four seats for the program.  People
can still play in the game if they have a valid badge, but
when those seats are gone, a gamer will have to donate
money to the program to play in the game.  Rest assured the
GM must set aside at two seats that are available to people
who registered for the Con.  This allows the game to occur
even if no one wants to donate money to play in the game.

The GM suggests a name of a gamer who is in need OR
Texicon looks for a gamer who is in need.  The money is
then given to that gamer.

To kick off this program, Frank Waugh recreated the
complete battle of Waterloo.  His event could hold up to eight
participants.  He has opened four seats to Teicon
Attendees.  This is a first come first served basis.  
So, grab 'em before they are gone.

The other four seats can only be filled by people who
participate in the Helping Horns program by donating money.
Contact webmaster
Hurst Conference Center
1601 Campus Drive
Hurst, TX 76054
Phone: (817) 581-0044
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2016 Special Guest Calliope Games: Event Schedule
2016 Special Guest
Texicon is very pleased to announce that Ray Wehrs and Chris Leder of Calliope Games will be joining us
as this year as our Special Guests.
which actually has two brands. One brand is called Wells Expeditions, and it's a brand we will pick up later. It's all
about gamers. It's that two hour experience that hour and half experience. It's all about the story and playing out the

Calliope Games (the second brand) is always about building the player base. Not from within the gaming
community, but from outside the gaming community. So everything we're doing is targeted at adults, but it's
playable by kids that are 8 years of age. And it's playable to a point where they can succeed and win the game and
beat the adult without the adults throwing the game. So, that to us is key. And if we can make that happen and stay
under $40.00, we think that we can actually reach outside the gaming community and bring in new gamers and
introduce them to this wonderful hobby. So that's what Calliope is really about.

People - non gamers - may know games exist, but they don't know the quality of the games that are within the hobby.
When they think about games, they think about Scrabble, they think about Monopoly, they think about Hungry
Hungry Hippos. Those are the games they are thinking about. So for us to be able to be able to introduce them to
Tsuro, and to Roll For It!, and to games they can absolutely understand and play and have a lot of fun, they just don't
know they exist. So we spent a lot of time with moms trying to get them to introduce the games to their families.
Because many of them are looking for alternate means of entertainment, so the games are perfect.
Ray Wehrs on His Gaming History:

So, we go back to the year 1999. My brother-in-law Jordan Weisman
came up with the combat dial system that was used on Mage
Knight, and we launched WizKids. Before then, I knew nothing of
gaming.  I didn't play games, on an occasion I would play a
"gateway" game...a family style game. The first Origins that I went
to opened up my eyes to a brand new experience. I didn't know all
of these wonderful people existed. So that was an awesome

Fast forward, we sell WizKids and then start up Compound Fun,
Table BG-1 Events:
11:00 - Noon  Menu Masters
13:30 - 14:30 Tsuro & Asteroid Escape
16:30 - 18:00 Hive Mind
here for full details.
Game Manufacturer Award (GMA) Booth:
12:30 - 13:30  Roll for It!
13:30 - 14:30 Theives!
15:00 - 16:30 Running with the Bulls
here for full details.
Table BG-1 Events:
11:00 - 12:30 Hive Mind
14:00 - 15:00 Calliope Meet & Greet
15:30 - 16:30 12 Days
16:30 - 18:00 Running with The Bulls
here for full details.
Game Manufacturer Award (GMA) Booth:
12:30 - 13:30 Roll For It!
14:00 - 15:00 Calliope Meet & Greet
15:00 - 16:30 Menu Masters
17:00 - 18:00 Tsuro & Asteroid Escape
here for full details.
Table BG-1 Events:
11:00 - Noon Hive Mind
13:30 - 15:00 Running with The Bulls
15:00 - 17:00 Menu Masters
here for full details.
Game Manufacturer Award (GMA) Booth:
11:30 - 12:30 Roll For It!
here for full details.
Chris Leder is a game designer and behind-the-scenes gaming industry utility

He has been a part of Calliope Games since 2012, when they signed his game
Roll For It!, which has had great success since its launch. His other game
designs include Trainmaker and City of Gears.

In his role with Calliope, Chris has assisted in testing, development, marketing,
customer service, and myriad other fun activities. He also stays active in the
game designer community, working with others when it comes to collaboration
and playtesting.

He lives in Illinois with his wife, two children, a couple dogs, and turtle, and a
fish.  In his spare time, he plays as many games as he can.
Calliope Games' Chris Leder
Texicon Kinds Track Games
Join us in welcoming DFW Nerd Night to Texicon as they host a very special event:
The first 9 people who have pre-registered for Texicon may sign up to participate in this event. If you have
pre-registered simply email us [email protected] and provide us with your information (name, address, phone,
email) and we'll sign you up for this amazing event. As seating is limited, registration for this event is first come, first
served. Should seating be available at the door a Sign-Up Sheet will be made available with the remaining seats,
and alternates. Texicon will donate the proceeds from your ticket to the Meg Civ Event charity. For more
information please visit our Saturday Board Game Event Schedule Page
here, or our Saturday Board Game Event
Details Page

If you have any questions please contact the event host JR Honeycutt at: [email protected]
Mega Civilization
Saturday June 25, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. you too can participate in this
fun filled and wonderful Charity event.
What does it take to be a friend of Texicon?  I am
glad you asked.  First, you have to be a game
manufacturer, a table top game convention, a
brick-n-mortar store, a gaming group, a dedicated
blogger, or an active gaming group.  Second, you
need to promote gaming.  Third, you have to be
friendly to each of the above mentioned groups.  
Fourth, you have to like Texicon and be friends with

What does it mean to be our friend?  We do a link
exchange and place each others logos, images,
and links in a prominent place.  We both are
dedicated to talking positively about each other.  
Lastly, we help each other.  

How do we help each other?  We let each other
come to our events for free and promote both
gaming and our respective organizations.  If one or
the other of us needs something, we work to help
that organization get it.  

Do our philosophies have to match?  Yes and no.  
Yes, we need to promote gaming and businesses
and people who promote it.  No, we do not have to
promote every aspect of table top gaming.  Take for
instance a blogger who only writes about role-play.  
No problem, that person still promotes an aspect of
table top gaming, just not miniatures or board
games.  That is okay.  We here at Texicon like
Contact us if you would like to be a friend of Texicon
email: [email protected]  We are always looking for
new friends.
Welcome to Texicon's 2016 Kids track games. This year we have a special treat for you. Our Special Guest and his
company Calliope Games brings their unique brand of games to Texicon. These games are designed to introduce
non-gamers to gaming. This game series is title The Titans of Gaming. This is perfect for our young gamers that
might not know gaming.
2016 Texicon Kids Track Events Schedule
We are also very pleased to announce Mayday Games has decided to support the Texicon Kid's Track games and
has sent us some great selections.
Texicon Kid's Track - Mayday Games
Mayday Games What They Are About:

We take tabletop gaming seriously, because free time doesn’t come around
nearly enough in life. And it’s those fussy, esoteric, and admittedly geeky
standards that drive us to obsessive excellence. We’re proud of our original
games, specialty play pieces, and custom card sleeves, because frankly,
they’re good enough for us. And that’s saying something.
Let’s build a better game night! Downtime doesn’t have to run through dullsville. That’s why we make
innovative games and premium accessories to keep your good times golden and your collectibles convention
ready. Because enjoying your spare time is never a waste.

Say Sorry to the boring board games that have a Monopoly on closet space with fast-paced Mayday Originals
like Lemonade Stand and Walk the Plank! Pass on tabletop traditions to new generations, or gather good buds
and good brews for some grown-up fun. With lightning mechanics, eye-catching art, and customer-driven
content, Mayday Games is proud to present an all-new, old-fashioned game night.
Texicon's Vice President, Karl Pajak on Mayday Games:

Each year Texicon travels to GenCon in Indianapolis to work with game manufacturers and meet great people.
Last year when Tricia Sidney, Texicon's Social Media Guru, and owner of
Game Acclaim, met with Mayday
Games' President Ryan Bruns to discuss Texicon it was clear from the start that their games would be perfect
for our Kid's Track Games. Mayday games joins us this year in supporting the Kid's Track Games through their
generous donation of the following titles: Click Clack Lumberjack, Hold your Breath!, and Coconuts. We look
forward to working with them in the future as a
Manufacturer Attended/Supported game company.