Texicon is pleased to announce our special guests
for this year include
Ivan Van  Norman's Ghost

Ivan Van Norman is an entrepreneur and emerging
geek icon from the wilderness that is Nerd Culture.
A graduate of Chapman University, he has been
an active performer and leader through many
enterprises ranging from TV/Theater spotlights to
his various accomplishments as a game designer
and marketing guru. He has served as Game
Designer/Marketing Manager for Hunters Books, a
Role Playing publisher which has been in business
for the last four years with their popular and award
winning Zombie Survival RPG 'Outbreak: Undead',
and was the acting crowd souring consultant for
Geek & Sundry for their campaign for the 3rd
season of TableTop with Wil Wheaton.

He was recently featured on Season 1 of TBS’
reality show “King of the Nerds” in which he was a
finalist following.

He is also starring in a new web series titled
'Saving Trhow', which features a new view on how
to teach and participate in role playing games.
He enjoys Sugar Gliders, Performing with Fire,
and Dragons.
Jennifer Jarzabski: one of Texicon's Premier Role-Play GMs.

I am a kindergarten teacher who practices krav maga, loves the outdoors, enjoys art and writing, and
plays all types of games.  I’ll play just about any game, whether it be on the computer, console, tabletop,
or in my own imagination.

I’ve been a game master since childhood, since before I had even heard the term.  I spun tales of wonder
and woe for my friends.  I orchestrated epic games of make believe in many a backyard, incorporating a
huge cast of characters I helped my friends create.  When the neighborhood kids ran out of ideas or
needed someone to referee, they found me. The worlds I built with the help of my friends were
imaginative, vast, and reached far beyond any source material we may have used.

In my teens, I discovered Amtgard and enjoyed many happy hours of hitting my friends with repurposed
fun noodles.  LARPing was great fun but still didn’t slake my thirst for creation.  Finally, I stumbled upon a
game of Pathfinder and I was hooked.  Now, several years later, I am part of DFW Pathfinder Society, 2
home games, and I attend as many conventions as I can.  I see conventions not only as a time to play,
but to support PFS and the wonderful folks who come here to have a good time.

My current goals in life and gaming are to incorporate tabletop gaming into education, become a
freelance writer/developer, and to start an original campaign set in the world of Midgard.  

Bombshell Miniatures is a collection of creators, artists and sculptors from various disciplines working together to bring exceptional miniature
figures to the tabletop gaming and painting community. Visit our Contributors page for a list of participants.

Bombshell Babes
Initially this will be a specific line of miniature figures for the gaming and painting community featuring strong iconic female characters from
various genres. The line will include original character designs by some of the industry's top artists, sculptors and painters that will be suitable
for adventure games, battle games or simply displayed as painted works of art.

We plan to expand our existing products to include accessories and additional lines of genre-specific miniatures as our market grows.

To Visit Bombshell Miniatures' website,
Click Here.