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Duties of a Security Magnate:
The Security Magnate must be friendly and outgoing. The Security Magnate will find people who are capable of being friendly
and stern.  He must be able to document any problem that occurs at Texicon in a well written, clear, precise manner.  All
problems will be brought to the attention of Kevin Pajak or Karl Pajak. The Security Magnate will be in charge of scheduling
all Security Volunteers to the time slots for which they are needed. The Security Magnate will be in charge of all Security
Volunteers.  The Security Magnate will move through-out the convention on occasion, but he will also be free to game as long
as his volunteers know where he is.
What is a Magnate?
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Do you desire to play that one game that you never seem to be able to find players for?  Have you ever found yourself
thinking that you have the zimm, the pizzaze, the expertise to run a game?  You are not alone.

Often, people feel that they have the desire and skills needed to run a game.  The Magnate for your game type will be happy
to have you as an official Game Master for Texicon!

We are currently seeking qualified volunteers to run games at Texicon.  Please Note: Only GMs who have previously hosted
games at Texicon are allowed to host back to back events.  

How to be a GM: simply contact the proper Magnate and the Magnate or Curator will take care of the rest.

Our Magnates are:
Brian Guarnieri -
Miniatures email: [email protected]
Kevin Pajak - Role-Play Pro Tem email: [email protected]
Tiffany Franzoni - Board Games email: [email protected]
Jamie Matthews - General Volunteer & Propaganda email: [email protected]
Ray Bradshaw - Art Curator email: [email protected]

Texicon's Historical Hall:
Curator: "Uncle Greasy" email: [email protected]

To learn more about them Click Here.
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What makes a good Game Master?
1) is outgoing and friendly,
2) is helpful to everyone at the convention,
3) leaves any prejudices at the door,
4) has the attitude that every game ever made is a wonderful and fun game to play,
5) is willing to AND has the ability to learn new games and game systems,
6) exhibits adult behavior at all times,
7) is imaginative and inventive,  Note: this means that he will have a creative and open mind,
8) is respectful of others,  
9) is a leader,
10) does not let players take control of the game,  (Remember: You, as the Game Master) are in charge.
11) is flexible,
12) is able to make decisions,  Note: Game Masters do not need to go to the Magnate every time there is no established
 answer or rule.  You make the rulings.  
13) is able to use common sense.
1) The Game Master oversees his game and makes rulings when needed.
2) The Game Master attempts to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable game.
3) The Game Master must stay out of the way of players having a good time.  Remember, it is the player's game
experience not the Game Master's.
4) For a game that does not have any participants and/or the registered players failed to show up, the Game
    Master will wait 30 minutes at his assigned table to see if anyone desires to play that game.  If, after 30
    minutes, no one has come to play that game, then the game will be considered canceled.  At that time, the
    Game Master will report to his Magnate or someone in charge to be reassigned.
5) The Game Master will attempt to harmonize the interplay between players.
6) The Game Master will call roll off of the Game Sign-up Sheet before beginning his game.
7) The Game Master will make sure that each attendee's name is on the Game Sign-up Sheet.
8) The Game Master will report to the proper Magnate when the game ends for further duty assignment.
9) All Game Masters will be clean and have proper hygiene at the beginning of their shift.  This includes
    making sure that your breath is not foul.
We understand that all our GMs do not get paid for the time that they volunteer for Texicon.  However, we understand that all
our Game Masters run games because they love gaming. Thus, we want to give back to them in the way that they gave to the
convention.  In order to do this, we have decided the following.

Any GM may come and run a game for free if he leaves the con after his game ends.
A GM who volunteers for 12hrs = Free Full Con Pass
A GM who volunteers for 8 hrs  = $25 Full Con Pass
A GM who volunteers for 4 hrs  = $35 Full Con Pass

A GM who volunteers for 4 hrs  = $20 Day Pass (Day Pass perk only valid one time per year)  
A GM who volunteers for 8 hrs =  Free Day Pass
Either  the 4hr or the 8hr Day Pass may be upgraded to a Full Con pass for $30.
He must be willing to happily participate in any game that occurs in his area. He will have to have the skill and knowledge to
be able to play any game that can occur in his area.  He as to have at least twenty years experience in gaming.  He must be
good at managing people.  He must be able to be flexible and creative.  He must be able to write well.  He must be willing to
communicate with Karl Pajak and Kevin Pajak.  He will tally the results to determine the winner in his category (i.e. Miniatures,
Board Game, Role-Play).  He will re-assign Game Masters whose games have completed early to other games and or areas
in need of a Game Master.  He must correspond to all queries in a timely fashion.  He must impartially consider all requests
for game master positions and all requests for specific games to be played.
Duties of a Seminar Magnate:
Magnate will also schedule the presenters.  As this convention focuses more on historical aspects, the majority of the
speakers will need to be able to speak about things in this area.  You will work closely with Kevin Pajak to ensure proper
presenters are chosen.  All presenters are volunteers.
GM Perks

We will also be giving other things when possible.  For example, in 2012 we found a box of T-shirts from the first year.  We
gave those T-shirts to the GMs and volunteers during the Texicon in 2012 convention.

We are sure, that as we get bigger, there will be even better perks.  Like a con suite.  Currently out of reach.  We have heard
the many requests for one, but we just can't do it... yet. :(
What does a Game Master do?
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