The Venue Assistance Program is a program that is aimed at removing product from game stores that is not selling.   Texicon
will work with the venue to purchase this game product.  Doing this will make the game store stronger by turning its product
back into capitol, allowing a reinvestment back into the store, thus making it stronger.

In today's environment, game stores (i.e. venues), and game manufacturers alike are struggling to stay afloat.  Texicon wants
to assist players and GMs; however, we also want to assist manufacturers and game stores become more stable and grow.  
One way we are accomplishing this is through our Venue Assistance program.  Each year we accept submissions: from
players, venues, and industry professionals, recommending specific brick and mortar (Internet only stores do not qualify for
this program) Venues/Game Stores that have proven to be beneficial to the gaming community.  The venue does not have to
attend Texicon to be considered.  The Venue/Game Store must be a brick and mortar store (i.e. have a physical location).  
Most importantly, the venue must be one which is concerned with community growth and support.  This means having a
welcoming attitude to gamers by having a fun and enjoyable gaming space.  The store must also make valid attempts to grow
or strengthen gaming in its area.  

To be considered submit (via email or post) a request detailing why the venue should be the recipient of the Venue Assistance
Program.   Emails should be sent to
[email protected]  In the subject line put "Venue Assistance Program Request".  Letters
should be sent to:

Karl Pajak
106 Paint Brush Rd.
Fort Worth, TX 76108

We will review the application and choose a venue that meets the requirements and that needs the assistance the most.  

The chosen venue will be contacted to make sure it is willing to work with Texicon, and that it is interested in participating in
the program.   This program is subject to Texicon's discretion and may not be available every year.

We look forward to supporting your local venue.  Best of luck to everyone.


Kevin and Karl Pajak
Texicon also has a Flyer Contest, which supports YOUR local game store.  Each year we send out flyers to every game store
(unless we don't know about them) in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  The flyers have
the game store's information on it so we can identify which game store it came from.  Attendees which bring the flyer to
Texicon write their name, address, email, and phone number on the flyer and place it in the drawing bowl.  We draw one flyer
out of the bowl/hat/box... and that person wins a $100.00 gift certificate to the store from where the flyer came.  Texicon then
calls the store and purchases a gift card in the name of the person who won the contest.  This is another great way we're
supporting YOUR local game store.

For an example, click
here to go to the Texicon 2012 post convention section, at the bottom you'll find our 2012 winner,
Michael Lewis.  He came to Texicon all the way from Tulsa.  Congrats Michael.
Venue Assistance Program: Flyer Contest
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