This year we will be offering you games from: iello, AEG, and more.

Also, each year game companies that don't have a demo team, or an organized play department give us games for
our local GMs to host. That program can be found under the
Game Master tab on the left. When those games are
hosted at Texicon we also bring them into the Texicon store, when we can obtain them from our Distributor.

Please support the great companies that send their Demo Team/Approved Play volunteers, and the manufacturers
that supply us with great games for our local GMs to host, by visiting the Texicon Store and picking up a copy of
their game.

Thank ya'll,

Each year Texicon throws its doors open to hundreds of gamers who anticipate great finds and great deals when they visit
Vendors at a game convention.  If you're interested in being a Vendor at the show please contact Karl Pajak at
[email protected] for further information on becoming a Texicon Vendor. ~ Karl
The vendors below for 2016 at Texicon are listed in the order they signed-up to be a Vendor at Texicon by contacting Karl

Roll2Play owner, Tiffany, will make sure that her staff does everything they can to make an awesome experience for the
gamers. If that includes helping to demo games that other vendors and small game manufactures are selling, we will do that.  

"Roll2Play is all about sharing what's new and interesting in the gaming industry. We also offer many award winning games and
pretty dice! Bring your events, questions, and ideas. We would love to hear from you.  
Come check out our store at"

For this weekend, Roll2Play will pay your tax.  Meaning that we won't add the tax to the sales. Tax Free Weekend, Gamer

the know... She is a painter who has been dabbing into colors all her life.  In fact, life is color and
she has figured out how to twist it onto little tiny men, thus bringing them to life.  A Frankenstein in
her laboratory of colors.  Well, it wasn't hard to convince her to come.  Why? Because she loves
showing people, especially young enthusiasts, how to paint.  This was a prime opportunity to help
everyone get a little better.  

So, we at Texicon are proud to have such a talented
femme fatale join us.

Here is her Bio.

Meet the Artist!!!
Here are some fun facts about Lyn!!!
-Has been painting and collecting miniatures since 1997.
- Most recent painting award- Gold in single figure- Cold Wars- March, 2011
- Born and raised in NYC.
-Is a Starbucks junkie!!
- Fave food - Spaghetti!
-Currently finishing degrees in Astrophysics and Logistics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

If you would like to learn more, you can go to her website.  
Click Here to go to her website.
Phone: (505) 859-2848

Like Us On Facebook!

So, grab a chair and start painting.
photos for our attendees, GMs, and Vendors while at Texicon.  He said sure.  Also, he is offering discount pricing
to all Texicon attendees with a valid badge.

Here is his con pricing.

Miniature photograpy with a number of different backdroips and settings.
Prices are $5 per 4x6 per miniature.  Additional miniatures may be added at an additional investment of $1 per
figure.  Prints may be ordered with a complimentary low resolution digital file emailed to the purchaser.  Hi-res
images are available for an additional investment.  All images carry an attribution, non-commercial, non-derivative

Here is is bio: Peter was born someplace then he grew up.  Along the way, he bought a camera at a yard sale
and took some classes on how to click a button and play with some toxic chemicals to make pictures appear on
paper.  Then he discovered girls and put the camera in a box.  Then he went to school and learned stuff about
imaginary numbers (and about student loans).  Then he lived in some different cities and did stuff.  Then he
wound up here and did some more different stuff.  Then he bought a newer camera that did not require inhaling
toxic chemicals.  People seemed to like the results of what happens when he clicks the button and so he decided
to make himself available for hire.  So hire him, he is really good at what he does (including talking about himself
in the third person), and doing stuff.
ACP Games, Texas based miniature company focused on creating the best quality models for
our fellow gamers, using the best technology available. We have partnered with many Rapid
Prototyping companies to create the most advanced models possible. Nominally based on
15mm scale some models will be bigger, some smaller as needed by the designs. Using the
best equipment, casting materials, and techniques, we endeavor to make something you as a
modeler/gamer will be glad to spend your hard earned money on!

We are working on a one(1), three(3), five(5) basis for all units/models. When you purchase a
blister or box set, you will get a complete unit. A unit of one model (large things), or three
models (special units), or five models/stands (average units). All of our models use food grade
pewter, the best quality we can provide for the safety and casting quality to show the amazing
detail our sculptors/modelers can provide.  
Click Here to got to ACP Games website.
Build Paint Play joins us again this year.
We are excited to have the fabulous Tim
Martin and his company join us for this
year's Texicon.
 "When paint racks are
this good
, they're the best!"

Check out the beautiful rack ---->
We are a small retailer of all things wargaming and RPG. You can buy most products we
review at our webpage:

Click Here to go to its website.
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Raven Star Studio is the maker of fine resin casting.  Stop on by and
see what impossible thing he has turned possible.  Making the world
into resin one sculpt at a time since 1323.

Click Here to go to Raven Star Studio's website.
Beginning this year Texicon is opening it's own store
inside the convention. We are doing this because of the
new way in which we are working with game

Each year we will invite game manufacturers to join us
(either in person or by having their demo team participate).
They will be given a table to host their games on. You will
be able to purchase a copy, while supplies last, of the
games they are running/demoing at their table.
Steve Jackson Games joins us this year with a booth of their own. They'll be bringing all of their
exciting games and product to you. Make sure to find out what's going on at their store and their demo