Paul Cardwell is Chair of the Committee for the Advancement of Role-Playing
Games (CAR-PGa), an international network of researchers into all aspects of
the games. He is creator of the Mythworld game system which attempts to
combine traditional fantasy with a logical and realistic world. He is author of
numerous articles on RPG, including three peer reviewed papers for Skeptical
Inquirer, Gifted Education International, and Cultic Studies Journal. Game
periodicals have included Different Worlds, Pyramid, Comics and Games
Retailer, and the CAR-PGa Newsletter. "This warm, affable, and delightful
person has history and stories about the gaming industry from its inception to now." If you find him,
he will delight you with his tales aboutthe famous and not so famous people who made Role-Playing
what it is today.Paul is always approachable and loves to give his ear AND his advice about
all things related to Role-Playing.  Talking to Paul is like talking to one of the founders of
Role-Playing.  So, come and discover things about not only the gaming industry and its people,
but also about yourself.  His unique blend of off the wall history and out of the box thinking will
make you proud to say, "I met Paul".

A personal note from Kevin: "Thank you Paul for coming again to Texicon.  I am always
delighted you are here.

PS. you still owe me that cup of morning coffee. ;D
2016 Special Guest Calliope Games: Event Schedule
2016 Special Guest
Attendees of Note
For all you history buffs, and historical gamers, we are happy to be able to tell you
that this year we have an attendee of note for the Texicon Historical Hall,
. His website is: http://leeatwar.com/about-the-author/. Scott Bowden his a
famous historical writer and the designer of one of Karl's favorite miniature games;
Empire (3rd Ed. of course). Karl still has yet to find a regular combatant for that set
of rules, and says: The Napoleonic War is his favorite period to play games in. If you
find yourself across the table from Scotty make sure you bend his ear on his take on
the Napoleonic War, The Civil War, and heck anything historical really.  He's a great
guy to hang with as well.

Scott Bowden’s storied writing career spans more than three decades with over 25
works of military history to his credit. A graduate of Texas Christian University in Fort
Worth, Texas, Bowden co-authored his first book, Armies on the Danube 1809, in
1980. This groundbreaking Napoleonic study made extensive use of previously
unpublished documents from the French army archives in Paris, as well as Austrian
army returns from the Kriegsarchiv in Vienna.
Texicon Historical Hall Attendee of Note:
Click Here to visit his website.
Box Set

The following are the books you get
inside the box set.  Everything you
need for creating infinite wolds AND
Mythworld is one of those little desktop jobs you won't find in the game stores, but still has an abundance of ideas to improve the state of the art in game design.
It was originally designed as a proposal for RuneQuest 3, but was rejected as being too detailed.

The game is sub-titled Realistic Fantasy. This is not an oxymoron. The laws of physics are relatively intact. Except for the traditional fantasy factors of
polytheism, magic, and many intelligent species, it is like our world in the early iron age. Many players base their characters on actual cultures.

Mythworld is easy to learn. If you don't know the rule, you can usually figure it out. After a character is generated, about the only chart a player will consult is in
the unhappy event of rolling a fumble. Charts are for the players to make characters and for the scenarist to determine the weather and other natural
phenomena that may affect the story. Otherwise, they are not used in playing the game.

There no levels for the character, only for their different skills, which are on a percentage-to-accomplish basis. These skills can be improved either by training or
experience. The effect of the thousand meter fall depends on terminal velocity, not "level" (yes, it is covered in the rules and is in metric - the math is easier).
Characters can get injured. They don't carry on as though nothing happened until the last hit point is used and then drop dead. They can lose abilities and even
consciousness and still survive. Beginning and experienced characters (or players) can participate in the same game with no problem.

All characters have a trade and a religion. Trades come in handy at the oddest moments in an adventure and the religion is the source of magic ability, with
some spells that are unique to that religion. These are covered in the books on Skills, Spells, and Outfitter.

The Bestiary has such useful details as actual movement speeds, life-cycle chronology, population density, etc., and was once used by the Dallas Museum of
Natural History for an Olympics tie-in exhibit on animal running speed and jumping distances because it was the only single place with those details. There are
even permission-used Gloranthan critters left over from the game's RuneQuest ancestry.

There is no alignment. Real people don't have it, but are a mess of sometimes conflicting loyalties to self, family, nation, religion, job, political party, hobbies, and
other groups. Game characters should be just as complex.

There are no experience points for the nasty referee to hand out or withhold as the mood strikes - or more precisely, EPs are intrinsic in the game. Learning can
be by experience, there is the lawful loot obtained in an adventure that may be used directly or has monetary value, and there is income from one's trade. All
can be used to obtain training, equipment, and supplies, but training takes time as well as money.

Mythworld is anti-hack'n'slash. The adventurer operates under far more restrictive rules than a modern bounty hunter. A live prisoner is worth ten times that of a
dead one. Many adventures will have no combat at all.

Character generation takes time - which is often intimidating to beginning players. The character sheet is four pages, although one is for mounts and most of
another is equipment inventory. However, you will start with a well- rounded character - a bit weak in some essential skills, but they will develop. Once, at a
convention, we discovered the handout characters were missing so three experienced players generated ten fully developed and detailed characters in one
hour to make the event.

Cooperation between PCs and often NPCs is essential. There is at least one NPC essential to the success of the mission, so violence is never a first choice.
There is an established way to divide loot (weaker gets the item most needed to correct the weakness). There is a lot of teaching of skills within the group since
that keeps the money in the group and thus increases the power of the group as a whole. Indeed, the most unrealistic aspect of Mythworld is that one can often
make more money teaching than from the loot on an adventure.

Disease and injury exist. There is even coverage of altitude sickness for those stupid enough to seek a hippogriff egg (hippogriffs are viviparous). Resuscitation
exists, but is not the cheap grace of D&D. It requires a shaman capable and willing to perform the ceremony, and is dangerous to both the shaman and the PC.

There is an introduction scenario in the boxed set, and three separate scenarios have been published, with more on the way once the revision is complete. Of
course, those for other game systems can be adapted with varying degrees of difficulty.

The game is currently in revision (the first since the original in 1985), but includes an update of the changes so far in testplaying the revision. Assistance in
testplaying is welcome.
Further questions and order requests can be directed by e-mail to [email protected]
Paul is the creator of Mythworld and has been promoting this classic ever since.
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Texicon is very pleased to announce that Ray Wehrs and Chris Leder of Calliope Games will be joining us
as this year as our Special Guests.
Fast forward, we sell WizKids and then start up Compound Fun, which actually has two brands. One brand is called
Wells Expeditions, and it's a brand we will pick up later. It's all about gamers. It's that two hour experience that
hour and half experience. It's all about the story and playing out the story.

Calliope Games (the second brand) is always about building the player base. Not from within the gaming
community, but from outside the gaming community. So everything we're doing is targeted at adults, but it's
playable by kids that are 8 years of age. And it's playable to a point where they can succeed and win the game and
beat the adult without the adults throwing the game. So, that to us is key. And if we can make that happen and stay
under $40.00, we think that we can actually reach outside the gaming community and bring in new gamers and
introduce them to this wonderful hobby. So that's what Calliope is really about.

People - non gamers - may know games exist, but they don't know the quality of the games that are within the
hobby. When they think about games, they think about Scrabble, they think about Monopoly, they think about
Hungry Hungry Hippos. Those are the games they are thinking about. So for us to be able to be able to introduce
them to Tsuro, and to Roll For It!, and to games they can absolutely understand and play and have a lot of fun, they
just don't know they exist. So we spent a lot of time with moms trying to get them to introduce the games to their
families. Because many of them are looking for alternate means of entertainment, so the games are perfect.
Ray Wehrs on His Gaming History

"So, we go back to the year 1999. My brother-in-law Jordan
Weisman came up with the combat dial system that was used on
Mage Knight, and we launched WizKids. Before then, I knew
nothing of gaming.  I didn't play games, on an occasion I would
play a "gateway" game...a family style game. The first Origins that
I went to opened up my eyes to a brand new experience. I didn't
know all of these wonderful people existed. So that was an
awesome experience.

entertainment, so the games are perfect.
Texicon is pleased to announce that Tad Thramus will be joining us for Texicon
2016. We are very excited and hope you'll all welcome him. He's been active in the
community for a very long time and brings with him a wealth of information on
great games such as Pink the Bogman and Tick Your Toe. If you see Tad please
make sure to take a picture of him for our records as he has not sent us one yet.
career including positions such as bubble tea barista, stagehand, and
college admissions official. Currently, she wears a variety of hats at
Calliope Games, where her official title is PR Gremlin. When she’s not
working, she enjoys baking, reading, and—of course—gaming.
Cassidy Werner being a very special and wonderful supporter of the gaming community, continue to work
towards making the gaming community stronger.
Cassidy on Cassidy
Cassidy Werner currently lives in
rainy Duvall, WA with her husband,
one hungry miniature dachshund,
and two stubborn lionhead rabbits.  
She got her start in the gaming
industry as an intern at Paizo
Publishing after an eclectic
2016 Attendees of Note
Chris Leder is a game designer and behind-the-scenes gaming industry utility

He has been a part of Calliope Games since 2012, when they signed his game
Roll For It!, which has had great success since its launch. His other game
designs include Trainmaker and City of Gears.

In his role with Calliope, Chris has assisted in testing, development, marketing,
customer service, and myriad other fun activities. He also stays active in the
game designer community, working with others when it comes to collaboration
and playtesting.

He lives in Illinois with his wife, two children, a couple dogs, and turtle, and a
fish.  In his spare time, he plays as many games as he can.
Erik Yaple, many of you may not know him but he's become an industry legend with his 40Z(illion) size 40K army
he hauls around to Strategicon and tromps mightily any opponent. He's also the CRT Manager at AEG. He has
designed games and helps bring great games to AEG. In his spare time he like to see Star Wars movies, over
and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Swing by the AEG Table and learn about their
great games.
Calliope Games' Chris Leder
Cheap Ass Games' Cassidy Werner
Table BG-1 Events:
11:00 - Noon  Menu Masters
13:30 - 14:30 Tsuro & Asteroid Escape
16:30 - 18:00 Hive Mind
here for full details.
Game Manufacturer Award (GMA) Booth:
12:30 - 13:30  Roll for It!
13:30 - 14:30 Theives!
15:00 - 16:30 Running with the Bulls
here for full details.
Table BG-1 Events:
11:00 - 12:30 Hive Mind
14:00 - 15:00 Calliope Meet & Greet
15:30 - 16:30 12 Days
16:30 - 18:00 Running with The Bulls
here for full details.
Game Manufacturer Award (GMA) Booth:
12:30 - 13:30 Roll For It!
14:00 - 15:00 Calliope Meet & Greet
15:00 - 16:30 Menu Masters
17:00 - 18:00 Tsuro & Asteroid Escape
here for full details.
Table BG-1 Events:
11:00 - Noon Hive Mind
13:30 - 15:00 Running with The Bulls
15:00 - 17:00 Menu Masters
here for full details.
Game Manufacturer Award (GMA) Booth:
11:30 - 12:30 Roll For It!
here for full details.
JR Honeycutt (Founder of DFW Nerd Nighters)

JR founded DFW Nerd Night, a local community organization that hosts gaming
parties for charity. He's a full-time game designer and developer at Artana.

Texi Says: I've known JR for years and he's a great community organizer, helpful, all
around nice guy that loves people and gaming. We're proud to have him as part of
Texicon! And... he loves Ranger Baseball, what's not to love about this guy!