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Convention Photos
Convention Photos
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Lost Worlds Tournament
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Friday Noon - Sunday 6:00pm
Special Guests
Strike Team
Convention Dates: June 27-29, 2014
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Texicon would like to thank the following supporters of Texicon 2014: (In alphabetical order): All Star Games, AEG, Amarillo Design Bureau (ADB), Atlas Games, Chaosium, Columbia Games,
Flying Buffalo, Game Salute, Historical Board Gaming, Logan Graphic Products Inc.(Foam Werks), Mr. Frohickie Enterprises, Palladium, Privateer Press, Reaper Miniatures, Roll2Play,
Steve Jackson Games (SJG), and Warpath Games.  To go to one of their websites, click the image below or their names above.
Flying Buffalo
texicon 2010 alderac entertainment group game manufacturer board game

We would also like to thank the following game manufacturers for giving us con support because they believe that gaming conventions are valuable to gaming.  The following were supporters of Texicon.  They appear in no
special order.  
AEG, Columbia Games, Portsmouth Miniatures, 2 Hour Wargames,  Amarillo Design Bureau Inc., Atlas Games, Catalyst Game Labs, Chaosium, Lone Star Historical Miniatures, GMT Games.  

Next, we,
Karl and Kevin Pajak, would like to thank all of the GMs who brought excellent games to the convention.  Karl and Kevin know how much time and effort you spent in making your games great.  

We thank, from the bottom of our hearts,
Rollin Kearley, our Role-Play Magnate.  His reversed sleep schedule allowed one of our volunteer staff to be on duty at all times.  Moreover, I mean... Did you see the amount of games
that he managed to schedule?!  Boy we wish we were that successful.   We would also like to thank
Tiffany Franzoni, our Board Game Magnate, for doing a fabulous job of getting us plenty of unique and fun board games to
play.  Her efforts filled the Board Gaming room to overflowing with games.  In fact, we had to schedule some of them in the miniatures room.  Rollin did so like wise.  Thank you to
Tory Henry for making Registration run
smoothly.  You were the key to freeing up the twins and made them feel at ease so they could do the things they needed to do. And of course,
Jamie Matthews for corralling the general volunteers, who helped behind the

We think
Game Wagon was a big hit.  It allowed us to thank the players who were gaming in the spirit of Texicon (friendly, camaraderie, and sportsmanship).  

Thank you one and all for sharing in the vision we have and supporting us in our dreams.  


Kevin and Karl Pajak
Well, Texicon 2014 has come and gone.  We would like to thank all of the people who made it a success.  First and foremost in our minds are the players.  Without you the convention would have
been moot.  You all did an excellent job of enjoying yourselves and making sure other players had a great time too.  Thank you for your involvement in Texicon.
Convention Photos
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