Kevin Pajak - President
email Kevin at [email protected]

Kevin has been gaming for over twenty-five years, focusing on Role-Playing and unique board games.  Kevin's vision for
Texicon is what has made the convention possible.

Kevin holds a MA in English from UTA.  Currently, he is writer and editor for hire.  If you are looking for a writer, editor, or
technical writer to help you develop your game, or write fantasy, sci-fi or fiction blurbs for it, Kevin is available for hire.  
His passion for teaching people can be seen in Texicon's seminars where his vision to help people learn about games,
the gaming community, and the game industry will hopefully enrich the community overall.

He is an avid board and Role-Playing gamer. Board games: Nuclear War, Thunder Road, Elixir of Life, Chainsaw, Risk,
Axis & Allies, Fantasy Forest, King Arthur (Woton Games), Role-Play: D&D 1st ed., I.C.E., Paranoia, Villains & Vigilantes,
and more.
Karl Pajak - Vice President
email Karl at k[email protected]

Karl holds a BA in History from CSUF and currently works in sales for Water Tech, Inc..  His love for history makes for a
natural transition to historical miniature gaming.  His love for gaming has taken him from the game table to game
designer and game manufacturer.  He has written articles for game magazines. His artistic background and love of
painting also supports miniature gaming.  "I'm predominantly a miniature gamer."  He is also a DM and enjoys running
Role-Playing games more than playing in them.  

His favorites games are: Flintloque, AD&D (2nd ed), Shadowrun, Tunnels & Trolls, and Villains & Vigilantes, Zombie
Daze, and Historical Miniatures Games - especially Napoleonics.   If he's not at the game table he's involved in
supporting the game community.

As an individual who has been involved in games since the dawn of time, his overall knowledge of all aspects of games
and the gaming industry makes it apparent that this is his true calling.
The Great Country of Texas our beloved flag. God Bless Texas!
Jamie Mathews - General Volunteers Magnate / Minister of
email Jamie at [email protected]

As the General Volunteer Magnate, Jamie will coordinate the activities of the volunteers who are not attached to a
specific area or task.

As the
Minister of Propaganda, Jamie oversees communications about all game genres and types to various nodes of
information dissemination.  He will be coordinating the efforts of our GMs to contact players via Forums, chat boards,
email, and the like.  Captain High Inquisitor Matthews can be found using his fundamental resistor reduction skills through
written dialogue via Forums and Emails to accomplish our end goals.  Furthermore, he will be available for the GMs to
contact should they wish to spread the word about a specific event.  His desire to assist both players and GMs exceeds
all expectations.  Hence, anyone in need of his assistance and unique skill set will be able to merely contact him and his
machinations will instantly gear up to fulfil any and all urges that emerge in relation to dissemination of information and
knowledge about a temporal nexus that will occur.

"Ah.. Jamie?  Let me see if I can translate that for you. O.k.?"  - Kevin  

"Your desire exceeds any robust resistance that may form," - Jamie

"Uhm... Yeah, whatever," - Kevin

Jamie Matthews is the Minister of Propaganda. He oversees all communications about game genres and types.  He will
be coordinating the efforts of our GMs to contact players via Forums.  He will also be involved in chatting on forums.  
Furthermore, he will be available for the GMs to contact should they wish to spread the word about a specific event.  He
is happy to assist anyone to spread the word about a game occurring at Texicon.  For help in informing the gaming
community about an event please ask Jamie Matthews.
Texicon Registration Magnate
Role Playing Magnate
Texicon General Volunteer Magnate
Jamie Mathews Texicon General Volunteer Magnate Minister of Propaganda
Kevin Pajak President Texicon Game Convention
Karl Pajak Vice President Texicon Game Convention
Department Heads (in alphabetical order by function)
Board Games
Board Game Magnate
Tiffany Franzoni Texicon Board Game Magnate
Tiffany Franzoni - Board Game Magnate
email Tiffany at [email protected]

I am a game maestro!  From my early days of annihilating my family at games like Monopoly (I know so boring), I not only
could catch the crook in Clue sometimes I had done it!

In my misspent youth, got hooked on the Role-Playing games, which caused me to spiral down intoMagic the Gathering
and the catalyst was Axis and Allies.  

My rehabilitation came in the form of a husband and a kid, which led me to getting over the games and actually having a
life. Unfortunately, five years later, the past came back.  I was sucked into the vortex of the gamer addiction. This time it
was with  Warhammer.

It came to the point that my suppliers just couldn't cut it. I had to go straight to the source and I became one.  Now I feed
other's addictions through my brick and mortar store:

My hope is to sway others to the "Gamer Side" With my allies at Texicon, I know I can have everyone jonesing for a game
hit.  Interested?    Need that fix?    Have the urge for an all-night game-fest?     Tiffany is YOUR (dah dah Da!) Board
Game Magnate.

Favorite games: Puerto Rico, Settlers of Catan, Munchkin, any new games and this list keeps changes.  What are yours?

~ Tiffany
General Volunteers
Texicon Security Magnate
Texicon Vice President
Texicon President

Kevin Pajak (Seminar Magnate)

Bubbles (
Security Magnate)

Karl Pajak (Vice President/Owner)

Kevin Pajak (President/Owner)
Texicon Seminar Magnate
Other Positions and their flags
Texicon Art Curator
Brian Guarnieri - Miniatures Magnate
email Brian at: [email protected]

Who am I? Jeez that’s such an abstract question? So on that I would say I’m a 21st century hooligan.
Born and bred in Fort Worth with some significant time out of state. If knowledge is power then I’m
probably unarmed. I’m just a hooligan who likes to game, organize games, and have the occasional
series of beers or whiskey with good company. Started my first officially recognized gaming group/club at
Nolan Catholic High School. I’ve been a demo volunteer for Fanpro, Catalyst Game Labs, and
Mongoose Publishing. I’ve been attending conventions since Winter Dallas Fantasy Fair 89. During off
time I like to work out, cook, paint minis, and break software developer’s kneecaps for writing lousy code
I have to fix. I’m an active member of the Fort Worth SQL Server Users Group and a staunch supporter
of net neutrality and technology based freedoms. I’m usually shouting, “Burn the witch, BURN THE
WITCH” at a peaceful protest rally*. You could say “I’m that guy”.

*University of Texas at Arlington [email protected] Center May 1994.
Brian Guarnieri Texicon Assistant Miniatures Magnate
Ray Bradshaw - Art Curator
email Ray at: [email protected]

I am freelance Artist, Writer and Photoragrapher. I have been drawing since I was six
years of age. I have contributed art to many conventions over the years including:
Dallas Fantasy Fair, Project, A-Kon, AnimeFEST, and most recently Yule-Con where I was
lead artist the last two years of its run.

I have been playing RPG games since High School (D&D) I am a life long fan of Sci-Fi,  Fantasy films, and Anime.

I look forward to working with Texicon for many years to come, and am honored to be serving as their Art Curator.
Brian Neff - Role Playing Magnate
email Brian at: [email protected]

I've been GMing games for over eleven years now, and it's been one of the most influential and important things in my
life. I started, like most folks, on Dungeons and Dragons, but decided in the late 2000s that I wanted to trade in my
Grid Mats and High Fantasy for some Gritty Realism and Indie flair. That's when I fell in love with the Indie RPG
movement. Games like Ron Edward's Sorcerer and Jason Morningstar's Durance have always held my interest as an
effective way to build and tell stories. Because of this, I started the Indie RPG Corps in 2013 (At Texicon!) a group of
gamers dedicated to good storytelling and immersive play. While you'll still catch me slaying the occasional dragon or
two, I mostly stick to protecting my holding in Apocalypse World, saving the universe from existential threats in Eclipse
Phase, or generally being a buffoon in Fiasco.

Texicon has helped me meet some of the nicest, best, and brightest people I know. Last year I got involved with DFW
Nerd Night, a group of people who play games in order to raise money for various charity organizations. The charity
work they do helps people in real and impactful ways, not the least of which has been me. Currently I'm getting myself
into the gaming industry as a game designer, with my first project coming out (hopefully) by the end of the year. I've
designed an in depth flow chart that ends with lots of question marks and the word "Profit".

I would love to play or talk gaming with you, so if you see me, be sure to tap me on the shoulder and tell me what you
think.Brian recently was accepted as a world designer for the D6xD6 game system! Now you too can role play in his
Art Gallery
Historical Hall Curator
Justo "Uncle Greasy" Perez
Historical Hall Board Games Curator
email Justo at [email protected]

Started gaming around 1979 but not often enough until 2000 when assigned to
Derby England. It was there that I really experienced the joy of playing with very
laid back gamers.  The games ranged from ancients to modern combat and always
with a pint in one hand and dice in the other…  lots of smack talk and laughter.

Back stateside, I started a game group in Kingwood Texas and rallied enough
players to start a game convention, which I ran three times before moving to Miami
Fl. The convention,  MAGCon continues today under the excellent management of
David Donahoo in Houston –MAGCon 7.  
Painting Diva -
Lyn Stahl
Lyn Stahl - Texicon's Painting Diva. Host of the painting competition.

Lyn is a painter who has been dabbing into colors all her life. In fact, life is color and she has
figured out how to twist it onto little tiny men, thus bringing them to life.  A Frankenstein in her
laboratory of colors.  Well, it wasn't hard to convince her to come.  Why? Because she loves
showing people, especially young enthusiasts, how to paint.  This was a prime opportunity to help
everyone get a little better.  

So, we at Texicon are proud to have such a talented
femme fatale
join us.

Here is her Bio.

Meet the Artist!!!
Here are some fun facts about Lyn!!!
- Has been painting and collecting miniatures since 1997.
- Most recent painting award- Gold in single figure- Cold Wars-
March, 2011
- Born and raised in NYC.
- Is a Starbucks junkie!!
- Fave food - Spaghetti!
- Currently finishing degrees in Astrophysics and Logistics at
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

If you would like to learn more, you can go to her website.  
Click Here to go to her website.
Lyn Stahl
Phone: (505) 859-2848

Like Us On Facebook!

So, grab a chair and start painting.
Convention Staff
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Eventually moved back to Texas, this time Dallas and ran into Kevin and Karl at local Con.  Here now, involved with these two help us get Texicon's Historical
Hall off on good footing.

Thanks for your confidence and support.

Justo Perez
(Uncle Greasy)