2016 Infinity Tournament Page
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Infinity Tournament Event Details
Infinity Tournament has two Ticket Prices: Friday Only ($30.00 Registration) and Three Day Tournament Pass ($50.00 Registration).

Anyone attending the 2016 Infinity Tournament may also go to any of the events at Texicon.  

Attendees may purchase their badges at the door; however, registration in advance via PayPal or money order is required to secure
a player slot in the Tournament. Tournament pre-registration will close on June 1, 2016.  
Slots for the tournament are limited so
register as soon as possible.
 Please enter “Infinity Tournament” in the notes section on the PayPal payment. After you have paid for
your badge you may then sign-up for the events you've paid for (links are above).
Be sure to include: "Infinity Tournament" in the instructions from
buyer area.  This will allow Texicon to easily put your name on the
tournament list.

After Purchasing your entry to the Infinity Tournament, you will also
need to contact Pandios Manias and let him know that you
registered for the tournament so that he can give you any special
instructions AND can also enter your name on the Tournament List.  
Email him at
[email protected]

If you need help with anything you can also email Karl Pajak,
Texicon VP
here at Texicon.  Or the Apollo Harden, who is helping
Pandios with the tournament. Apollo's email is:
[email protected].
Click the PayPal link to purchase
3-Day $50.00 Infinity Tournament Badge.

2016 3-Day Infinity Tournament
Hurst Conference Center
1601 Campus Drive
Hurst, TX 76054
Phone: (817) 581-0044
Website   Map (driving directions)
"Where the West Begins"
2016 Infinity Tournament payment information:
There are 3 days of Infinity Gaming. There is Friday only admission for $30, and admission for
all 3 days which is $50.

To Pre-Register for either event simply follow these three steps:
1. Please don't sign-up for any Infinity Tournament/Event until you have paid for your Texicon
badge (below). If you do it may prevent you from being able to participate in the Tournament.
2. Pay for your badge via PayPal or check/money order in the payment section below.
3. And finally. Now that you have paid for a Texicon badge (below), Please click the following
links to Sign-Up for the event you've paid for (Friday, or Saturday/Sunday (with no additional
cost for Friday should you choose to participate, but you must still fill out the tournament form).

Friday Tournament: http://goo.gl/forms/hhZPNg6RJX
Saturday Tournament:  http://goo.gl/forms/VN1DyNGsBu Please note: You will need to Sign-Up for the Sunday Events
Sunday Event 1:
Game Information
Sunday Event 1 Sign-Up: [Sign-Up form for Sunday Event 1 coming soon] Space is limited. You are NOT automatically registered for
this event
if you purchase a Saturday/Sunday Tournament badge. You must Sign-Up for this 24 Person Max event.
Sunday Event 2 Sign-Up: [Sign-Up for Sunday Event 2 coming soon] Space is limited. You are NOT automatically registered for this
event if you purchase a Saturday/Sunday Tournament badge. You must Sign-Up for this 24 Person Max event.

Pandios will send you an email here and letting you know that you've registered for the
tournament(s). If you do not receive a reply email from Pandios you are not registered in the
tournament. Please contact Karl Pajak here if you are having trouble contacting Pandios.

4. Please note: If you pay for the Saturday-Sunday event ($50.00) you may participate in the
Friday Tournament ($30.00 registration) at no additional cost. You may also participate in this
event is you have a Friday Day pass or Full Convention Pass AND can supply your own Army
List and Figures, then you participate in this event. In order to be able to participate in this
event you must have either pre-registered for Texicon or this event through the website, OR
you may purchase a convention pass and bring your army and list with you to Texicon, show
your badge to the event organizer Pandios Manias who will verify your army and list. Space if
limited, only Pre-Registering for these events (which are both limited to 20 participants)
ensures your ability to participate in them. Your registration in this event also allows you to
participate in ANY of Texicon's other standard game events for the day(s) your badge is for.
Friday (Friday only) Saturday/Sunday: Whole convention (Thur-Sun). Please feel free to sign
up for any event you'd like to participate in.

"Just when you didn't think it could get any better"

Infinity Tournament - Texicon 2016
How to register for the Tournaments
How to pay for the Infinity Tournament
Click the PayPal link to purchase
the $
30 Friday Only Infinity Tournament Badge

2016 Friday Only Infinity Tournament
Friday Only Badge
Three Day Infinity Tournament Badge
Texicon Infinity Tournament Friday Event
Texicon Saturday Infinity Tournament
Texicon Infinity Sunday Event 1 Information
Texicon Infinity Sunday Event 2 Information