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Hello and welcome to the Historical Hall home page. To the left, you will find all of the links that you need.  We have organized
them according to need.  We have an
announcements page that keeps everyone up to date on the latest happenings for the
convention.  If something is very important, we will put it on the home page.
Texicon's Historical Hall:
Curator: Justo "Uncle Greasy" Perez                            email: [email protected]

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Lost Worlds Tournament
Thursday 6:00 pm - Sunday 6:00pm
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Convention Dates: June 25-28, 2015
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Texicon's Historical Hall
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About Texicon's Historical Hall Colors
We chose these colors because they are specific colors for the US Military. We felt that by using actual colors from the US Army would reflect the nature of
the Historical Hall. Below you'll find a description of the colors used on the side bar, and what they represent.
Color 1: The center color. Being the lightest color was chosen to give the center the illusion of being raised. It was also chosen because
Color 2: The first outer color. Chosen because it was slightly darker than color 1. This color is: Olive Drab 41 US Army Air Corps
Aircraft. This color saw a great deal of action in WW2 and is still in use today.
Color 3: The second outer color, slightly darker than color 2, was chosen because it is the Army Vehicle color. If you rode on it in
WW2 it was this color. A strong color for being the work horse. It is Olive Drab 9 US Army Vehicles, WW2.
Color 4: This color is a more modern color, and saw action in Vietnam. A skosh darker than Olive Drab 9, this color brings us to the
modern era. A darker color than was used in WW2. Crazy Vietnam. If you like Vietnam era you should check out Battlefront's game
Tour of Duty, based on their popular Flames of War game.
Color 5: The darkest of the color scheme, was chosen because it was a peace time color. This was Olive Drab 24067 US Army Vehicles,
1950 - 1960.
Time to meet the Historical Hall Curators:
Started gaming around 1979 but not often enough until 2000 when assigned to Derby England. It was there that I
really experienced the joy of playing with very laid back gamers.  The games ranged from ancients to modern combat
and always with a pint (of beer) in one hand and dice in the other…  lots of smack talk and laughter.

Back stateside, I started a game group in Kingwood Texas and rallied enough players to start a game convention,
which I ran three times before moving to Miami Fl. The convention,  MAGCon continues today under the excellent
management of David Donahoo in Houston –MAGCon 7.  

Eventually moved back to Texas, this time Dallas and ran into Kevin and Karl at a local Con.  Here now, involved with
these two help us get Texicon's Historical Hall off on good footing.

Thanks for your confidence and support.

Justo Perez
(Uncle Greasy)
Texicon's Historical Hall Curator: Uncle Greasy
For all you history buffs, and historical gamers, we are happy to be able to tell you that
this year we have an attendee of note for the Texicon Historical Hall,
Scott Bowden. His
website is: http://leeatwar.com/about-the-author/. Scott Bowden his a famous historical
writer and the designer of one of Karl's favorite miniature games; Empire (3rd Ed. of
course). Karl still has yet to find a regular combatant for that set of rules, and says: The
Napoleonic War is his favorite period to play games in. If you find yourself across the
table from Scotty make sure you bend his ear on his take on the Napoleonic War, The
Civil War, and heck anything historical really.  He's a great guy to hang with as well.

Scott Bowden’s storied writing career spans more than three decades with over 25
works of military history to his credit. A graduate of Texas Christian University in Fort
Worth, Texas, Bowden co-authored his first book, Armies on the Danube 1809, in 1980.
This groundbreaking Napoleonic study made extensive use of previously unpublished
documents from the French army archives in Paris, as well as Austrian army returns
from the Kriegsarchiv in Vienna.
Texicon Historical Hall Attendee of Note:
Hurst Conference Center
1601 Campus Drive
Hurst, TX 76054
Phone: (817) 581-0044
Website   Map (driving directions)
"Where the West Begins"
the Con
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Dealer Room Hours:
The dealers are
located inside the
gaming area and will
be open while the
convention is open.
Click Here to visit his website.
History Fact: Billy Dixon led the founders of Adobe Walls to the Texas Plains, where he knew buffalo were in
abundance. The group of 28 men and one woman occupied the outpost of five buildings 15 miles northeast of Stinnett.

The outpost was attacked on June 27, 1874 by a band of 700 to 1200 Indians, and that is when Dixon went into the
history books for firing "The Shot of the Century" which effectively ended the siege. Although Billy Dixon states in his
biography that it was a "scratch shot", he is still honored to this day with competitions in England and the US which
attempt to match his skill.

The stand-off continued into a third day, when a group of Indians were noticed about a mile east of Adobe Walls. It is
said that Dixon took aim with a quickly borrowed .50-90 Sharps (as, according to his biography, he only had a .45-90
Sharps and felt it could not reach) buffalo rifle and fired, knocking an Indian near Chief Quanah Parker off his horse
almost a mile away on his third shot. The Indians then left the settlement alone.