Each year we reach out to game manufacturers. They can participate with Texicon in two main ways (and though these are the
two main avenues we are always open to other suggestions), Manufacturer Attended and Manufacturer Supported.

Each year Texicon selects a game manufacturer which has shown exemplary leadership in producing games, or supporting the

The recipient company receives:
1) The GMA trophy
2) We host the GMA Booth at Texicon where a sampling of the games they produce can be viewed by the attendees.
3) We host and staff a Demo Table for some of their games.
4) And we bring in some of their product line to the Texicon Store (our convention booth store where you can find the GMA
games, and Manufactuer Supported and Attended games.
Calliope Games Has been slected for this, our inaugural Game Manufactuer Award for their work in the community, the games
they are producing (especially the Titans of Gaming series), and their support of conventions around the country with their Life
Size Tsuro.

The recipient of the GMA does not have to be present to recive the award. Nor do are they always selected as our Special
Guest. However, this year they are the same. We are VERY pleased to announced that both Ray Wheres and Cassidey Turner
will be attending Texicon as Special Guests.

Please make sure to stop by the Calliope GMA booth to learn more about this company and their great games.
Game Manufacturer
Game Manufacturer Award (aka GMA)
GMA Award for 2016
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