2016 Warlord Games Bolt Action National Qualifier Tournament Page
Ticket Price: $50.  This purchases the person a 2016 Warlord Games, Bolt Action National Qualifier Tournament Badge.  This means that anyone attending the
2016 Warlord Games Bolt Action National Qualifier Tournament may also go to any of the events at Texicon.
 Attendees may purchase their badges at the door;
however, registration in advance and PayPal payment is required to secure a player slot in the Tournament. Tournament pre-registration will close on May 31th
 There are only 40 spots available for the tournament.  Please enter “Warlord Bolt Action National Qualifier Tournament” in the notes section on the PayPal
payment. Then, send an email to: Kevin Pajak at
kevin[at]texicon[dot]net so he can send you a welcome letter.
Be sure to include Bolt Action National Qualifier Tournament in the
instructions from the buyer area.  This will allow Texicon to easily put Be
sure to include Bolt Action National Qualifier Tournament in the your
After Purchasing your entry to the Bolt Action Tournament, you will also
need to contact Kevin Pajak and let him know that you registered for the
tournament so that he can send you the welcome letter.  Email him at
[email protected]

If you need help with anything you can also email us here at Texicon.  
Our email address is
[email protected]  

If you have any questions on how to register please send either
Karl Pajak or Jon Russell and email.

Karl Pajak: [email protected]
Bolt Action National Qualifier
Tournament Payment Button

This year we're bringing you the Texicon Exclusive, Official Warlord
Games National Qualifier LE Objective marker.

Last year's sculptor was not available this year, and so we searched high
and low. Under rocks, and over mountains. We even looked under that
rock, yes that little teeny rock just outside the office of the Famous Guy
that owns "That Little Rock".

Robert Merrick.
When we asked Robert to give us a bio he said:

I have always loved making art, painting, sculpting. Minis fit both criteria.
The majority of my work is in custom one off sculpt and paint. You can find
out more about his work
We hope you'll join us in welcoming Robert to the ranks of the Texicon LE Miniature sculpt. Follow along as his work progresses.
The concept:
concept is that the ambulance is on a base. The Warlord Games logo is part of that base raised up slightly but not too high. Also on
I've dug up the Ambulance VF407WC9 and sent you a video link to watch. I think that is the ambulance I would like to have built. My
concept is that the ambulance is on a base. The Warlord Games logo is part of that base raised up slightly but not too high. Also on
sort of blend in but not completely. Or you could put it on the side of the vehicle, or under the vehicle, you could put Texicon on the
We can go two ways with this the truck, 1. It has run into an object like a wall or a large tree stump and then the basis is a road or dirt
road. Or 2. It has a flat tire and the basis is a mud road. Then you want to build into the base: circular areas where 28 millimeter figures
using 25 millimeter round basis could be placed.
This project is really important and I believe I can give you what you want. Very exciting and your great Ideas for the piece helps allot. I
thought dirt road with wall crash possibly a mortar crater in road. Some bullet  hits..... Is there any limitations on materials such as
styrene, copper tubing for axles etc? You need it parted for casting correct? Overall size for diorama? 3x5 6x8 Sorry about all the
questions. New work and all. Ill also do a preliminary sketch of what i come up with and send it too you. Allso i can send hd pics of
progress if you like.

Without further ado... here's the progress pictures for the sculpt.
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2/28/2016: Update on the progress of the LE Bolt Action Sculpt.
WELCOME to a very intense but fun packed three day tournament!  We will start on Friday with registration and one round at 1800, Saturday will have three
rounds starting bright and early at 0800 and Sunday will have one kicking off at 1000 with awards presented Sunday after lunch at 1300.
This tournament has been designed to test your Generalship in an intense three day struggle to achieve what few leaders can, a spot in the Nationals.  We
know you are all great leaders in your own right but there can only be one victor! The overall winner will receive a Golden Dog Tag which entitles them to free
admission to Adepticon 2017 and qualifies them for entry into the Bolt Action Nationals to be held there.  The winner is still responsible for tournament entry
fees for the event (required by Adepticon to facilitate event tracking).  In addition to this overall winner there will be awards for top Axis and Allied Generals,
Sportsman and Best Themed Army.
We know that all of you love the game and the period. It is our intent to make this engagement both challenging and rewarding.  To do that we have great
scenarios to play and prizes for everyone who attends this grand event.  Our event partner Texicon has worked with us to also bring you a Limited Edition
official Warlord Objective Marker.  It is based upon a Mash Unit receiving area in the field.  This base is part 1 of 4 pieces you will be able to collect over the
next four Texicon conventions, culminating with Chief Medic Officer Jon "Guts" Russell as the piece for year 2019.

Tournament Rules


Players must use a 1,000 requisition point force.

The force must consist of
a minimum of one Reinforced Platoons. No tank Platoons. No more than 14 order dice.

The platoons in the force must be selected using the army list section of the main rule book or one of the Armies books.  None of the army lists from any of the
Theatre books will be allowed. The only exception at this time is we will include the Chinese List.






There will be five 2hr15min Rounds, the players must finish the current turn, and then the game ends automatically.


The players must have 4 copies of their army list, Army list are due 13 June 16. 1 bonus TP for early list submissions.


Victory is calculated as described in the Scenarios being played and Tournament points are awarded for victories, defeats and draws as shown below:

In addition, players must also record how many requisition points of enemy units they destroy during their games. These destroyed enemies points (let’s call
them ‘Casualty points’) are always added together in a running total and are used as a tiebreaker to pair players that are on the same level of Tournament

From the second round, players will be paired using a Swiss system (i.e. matching players on the same amount of TPs, in descending order).
In case of more than two players on the same number of TPs, players will be matched in descending ‘Casualty points’ total.


The winner is determined at the end of the last round, according to the following criteria:
•        The player with the most TP will be the winner.
•        In case of same TP at the top, the winner will be the player with the highest Casualty point total.

For rules or any questions email me at
[email protected].

List submissions will be submitted by “send to tournament option” @ boltaction.easyarmy.com

I look forward to seeing you at Texicon.


Jon "Guts" Russell
Warlord National Tournament Organizer
  Tournament Points
3 TP
1 TP
0 TP
2016 Bolt Actoin Tournament payment information:
3 easy steps to register for the Bolt Action Tournament (click here for a detailed view of the

Note: The Bolt Action National Qualifier will take place in the North Wing of the Upstairs Hall.
Please visit the Convention Map
here to view the map.

1. Click on payment link below and pay for your Bolt Action Tournament badge. Note: Please
don't sign-up for events until you have paid for your Texicon badge (below). It may prevent
you from being able to participate in the Tournament.

2. You will now need to create an account/register (or log into the site if you already have a
free account) at
http://boltaction.easyarmy.com/index.aspx. Once you've registered for an
account (which is free) you will build your company and once done save it using the Save
Data button. Then you will click the "Save and go to OOB--->" button. Finally click the
"Options" button on that page and a dropdown menu will appear. Select the "Send to
Tournament" link. This will bring up the conventions and events that are hosting Bolt Action
games.  Texicon will be listed there. You can click the "web link" to download a pdf of the
event. Alternately you can get that pdf
here. It also lists out the Tournament Info and to the
right of that area there is a "Send" link. You'll click the "Send" link and your list will be sent to
Jon "Guts" Russell. For a visual and VERY detailed walk through of this process click here.

3. And finally. Now that you have paid for a Texicon badge and have registered your army
using the
http://boltaction.easyarmy.com website you'll just show up to Texicon with your army
and have a great time. Please note: your Tournament Badge is good for the whole convention.
So if there are games you'd like to try when you're not participating in the Tournament please
let Texicon know at
[email protected]. Simply let them know the Day/Game/Time
(Session) of the game you'd like to pre-reg or sign-up for and they'll get back to you with any
questions. You can't register for any events, including this one, until you've paid for your
badge. So jump down below and pay for your badge so you can get in on this event!

For other questions on the Bolt Action National Qualifier event please contact Jon "Guts"
Russell at
[email protected].
2016 Warlord Games Bolt Action National Qualifier Rules & Information
2016 Bolt Action National Qualifier Attendees LE Objective Marker
Texicon Kinds Track Games
Tournament Registration has closed. Thank you for
your interest in the Bolt Action Tournament.

At the door Registration begins Friday 24 June 2016
at 10:00.
We'll see you at the show.