Texicon 2016 Announcements (by Date)
Texicon is currently seeking Historical Hall Curators and Art Curators. If you are interested in
joining our team please contact us via email:
[email protected] and we will arrange to
meet with you.
2016 Special Guest and #AwesomeSauce Notices
Big News! Wildfire LLC burns its way to Texicon.  
Come see what is in store for those bold enough,
brave enough, gutsy enough, SMART enough
to get into a game.  

Venerated GMs
Matt Grau and Stevebob Pticher host events on
Click Here to go to Wildfire LLC website.
Texicon 2016 Permanent Announcements
Texicon is pleased to announce that Tad Thramus will be joining us for Texicon
2016. We are very excited and hope you'll all welcome him. He's been active in the
community for a very long time and brings with him a wealth of information on
great games such as Pink the Bogman and Tick Your Toe. If you see Tad please
make sure to take a picture of him for our records as he has not sent us one yet.
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Hurst Conference Center
1601 Campus Drive
Hurst, TX 76054
Phone: (817) 581-0044
Website   Map (driving directions)
"Where the West Begins"
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career including positions such as bubble tea barista, stagehand, and
college admissions official. Currently, she wears a variety of hats at
Calliope Games, where her official title is PR Gremlin. When she’s not
working, she enjoys baking, reading, and—of course—gaming.
Cassidy Werner being a very special and wonderful supporter of the gaming community, continue to work
towards making the gaming community stronger.
Cassidy on Cassidy
Cassidy Werner currently lives in
rainy Duvall, WA with her husband,
one hungry miniature dachshund,
and two stubborn lionhead rabbits.  
She got her start in the gaming
industry as an intern at Paizo
Publishing after an eclectic
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2016 Attendees of Note
Chris Leder is a game designer and behind-the-scenes gaming industry utility

He has been a part of Calliope Games since 2012, when they signed his game
Roll For It!, which has had great success since its launch. His other game
designs include Trainmaker and City of Gears.

In his role with Calliope, Chris has assisted in testing, development, marketing,
customer service, and myriad other fun activities. He also stays active in the
game designer community, working with others when it comes to collaboration
and playtesting.

He lives in Illinois with his wife, two children, a couple dogs, and turtle, and a
fish.  In his spare time, he plays as many games as he can.
Texicon is pleased to announce our teaming up with Ravensword, a group that hosts
X-Wing. They will be hosting a Split Day, X-Wing Tournament at Texicon on Friday and
then finishing it on Sunday. Please visit our Tournament page for more details.
April -
Erik Yaple, many of you may not know him but he's become an industry legend with his 40Z(illion) size 40K army
he hauls around to Strategicon and tromps mightily any opponent. He's also the CRT Manager at AEG. He has
designed games and helps bring great games to AEG. In his spare time he like to see Star Wars movies, over
and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Swing by the AEG Table and learn about their
great games.
Texicon and iello games partner up. iello's Organized Play GMs will be hosting games
for Texicon. More on what games they'll be running and how to get the games you'll be
playing to come.
Oct. -
Folks, we're just a short few weeks away from Millennium Con. If you haven't been to
this convention in Austin you definitely need to go. For information on this convention,
and how to sign up please visit their website
Oct. -
We've just returned from OrcCon 2016. www.strategicon.net and we had a blast. On
the way home Karl ran into a
dinosaur but made it out of the time portal fine. He's still
planning on attending Texicon 2016 and looks forward to gaming with you.
Feb. -
AEG, Alderac Entertainment Group, will be attending the convention and hosting some
of their new releases. For a list of their full schedule see the Manufacturer section of
the Game Schedule in the program and on the website.
Mar. -
Texicon is very pleased to announce that Ray Wehrs and Chris Leder of Calliope Games will be joining us
as this year as our Special Guests.
which actually has two brands. One brand is called Wells Expeditions, and it's a brand we will pick up later. It's all
about gamers. It's that two hour experience that hour and half experience. It's all about the story and playing out
the story.

Calliope Games (the second brand) is always about building the player base. Not from within the gaming
community, but from outside the gaming community. So everything we're doing is targeted at adults, but it's
playable by kids that are 8 years of age. And it's playable to a point where they can succeed and win the game and
beat the adult without the adults throwing the game. So, that to us is key. And if we can make that happen and stay
under $40.00, we think that we can actually reach outside the gaming community and bring in new gamers and
introduce them to this wonderful hobby. So that's what Calliope is really about.

People - non gamers - may know games exist, but they don't know the quality of the games that are within the
hobby. When they think about games, they think about Scrabble, they think about Monopoly, they think about
Hungry Hungry Hippos. Those are the games they are thinking about. So for us to be able to be able to introduce
them to Tsuro, and to Roll For It!, and to games they can absolutely understand and play and have a lot of fun, they
just don't know they exist. So we spent a lot of time with moms trying to get them to introduce the games to their
families. Because many of them are looking for alternate means of entertainment, so the games are perfect.
Ray Wehrs on His Gaming History

"So, we go back to the year 1999. My brother-in-law Jordan
Weisman came up with the combat dial system that was used on
Mage Knight, and we launched WizKids. Before then, I knew
nothing of gaming.  I didn't play games, on an occasion I would
play a "gateway" game...a family style game. The first Origins that
I went to opened up my eyes to a brand new experience. I didn't
know all of these wonderful people existed. So that was an
awesome experience.

Fast forward, we sell WizKids and then start up Compound Fun,
Game Master submission closes.

Pre-Reg for the convention closes. Tournament Registration remains open.
June -
Texicon Kinds Track Games